How ANDI Works

Defined by Australians and informed by experts, ANDI measures Australia’s wellbeing.

Governments have access to an incredible amount of information about the wellbeing of Australians, Australian communities and the environment. But instead of using information about the things that matter to us—health, education, justice, work, the environment, the state of our democracy—governments focus on economic measures like GDP to make decisions about policies that affect us all. 

ANDI provides an alternative, measuring our wellbeing in all the areas of life that matter, including the economy, so that we have a real picture of our progress. ANDI will help us to see how we’re doing and where we need to do better.


ANDI promotes Democracy and Citizen Voice

ANDI not only gives governments and policy makers a tool for making better public policy, it promotes democracy and citizen voice. With the regular release of the ANDI results, as a single index and separate indexes that relate to each of the domains, ANDI will inspire and promote informed community debate about our progress and wellbeing and our shared vision for the future of Australia.

ANDI helps us work together for a better Australia

The ANDI project will produce an annual index of Australia’s progress and national wellbeing based on what Australians think is important.

It will inform and trigger national conversations about what needs to be done to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians, especially those who experience disadvantage in our society, and our environment. By revealing a clearer picture of where we are and how we are doing, ANDI aims to strengthen democracy, civic engagement and corporate and government accountability as well stimulate discussion about the types of policies,       programs and activities that promote wellbeing. A more complete picture of who we are and how we are doing will also encourage breaking down the silos that often block us from    finding holistic solutions to complex problems. It will encourage collaboration towards a solution. ANDI’s mission is long-term, strategic, and nation-building.

The Critical Ideas Behind ANDI

On the ideas driving sustainable progress models.

Measuring the kind of Australia we want

On ANDI and the global movement to redefine progress.