Benefits for Australia

Defined by Australians and informed by experts, ANDI will measure Australia’s wellbeing. 

Considered only from a policy perspective, the benefits of developing a national progress measurement framework are substantial, especially when measures are regularly updated with reports on the main dimensions of progress. These benefits include clearer policy and planning guidelines, more effective evaluation tools and a more sharply defined vision for Australia’s progress, which should itself improve the quality of governance and public debate (Hall and Rickards 2013). 

However, one clear lesson from the international projects, is that progress measures do not merely guide public policy and debate: they directly influence the distribution of opportunities and life chances in the society. This means that their development is not purely a policy or research issue. It is also a democratic and normative issue, and citizens should be involved in it.

ANDI will promote Democracy and Citizen Voice

Several countries have undertaken public consultations as part of the process of developing measurement frameworks relating to wellbeing. These can be held at different stages of the process of establishing the wellbeing framework and the inputs for consultation can shape the framework in different ways. Public consultations have several advantages:  they can be used to ensure the measurement approach and selected indicators resonate with the public, and have the legitimacy that comes from meaningful engagement with a wide range of stakeholders; they offer a visible way to demonstrate commitment to people’s well-being through exploring what is important for the public to know and measure; and they can raise awareness among the public and foster broad acceptance of the measurement framework and recognition of its potential usefulness.

ANDI will help citizens to work together for a better Australia.

The development of the wellbeing measurements – or annual indexes will set an important step in building the evidence base and developing a shared understanding of what makes for better lives. These indicators – or domains – will shape policy from influencing public debate on strategic priorities and emerging issues, through the use in studies commissioned by government agencies to evaluate the impact of different policy programs. 

We will produce an annual index of Australia’s progress and national wellbeing based on what Australians think is important. It will inform and trigger national conversations about what needs to be done to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians, especially those who experience disadvantage in our society, and our environment. By revealing a clearer picture of where we are and how we are doing, we will aim to strengthen democracy, civic engagement and corporate and government accountability as well stimulate discussion about the types of policies, programs and activities that promote wellbeing. A more complete picture of who we are and how we are doing will also encourage breaking down the silos that often block us from finding holistic solutions to complex problems. It will encourage collaboration towards a solution. ANDI’s mission is long-term, strategic, and nation-building.