Why citizens should be engaged in policy making and progress measures?

ANDI 2023, Key ideas and Research

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Engaging Citizens in Measuring Australia’s Progress

Report of University of Melbourne Workshop, November 2017

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Is wellbeing the new paradigm for public policy?

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ANDI Treasury Submission

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The key ideas and evidence supporting ANDI

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Review of recent wellbeing and public policy work

Salvaris, 2022

Moving beyond GDP is key to tackling a world in crisis

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Beyond GDP: Jim Chalmers’ historic moment to build a well-being economy for Australia

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Integrating wellbeing into the business of government

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Redifining progress – global lessons for an Australian approach to wellbeing

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Introducing the WADI Project

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A wellbeing budget for NSW

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A review of current work on wellbeing and public policy

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What do Australians think is important for national progress?

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The ANDI Project. Measuring the Future We Want

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Mapping Community Wellbeing

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Why we won’t be voting for the Australia we want this time

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Measuring the kind of Australia we want

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Citizenship and Progress: Democracy and the measurement of social progress

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The critical ideas behind ANDI

On the ideas driving sustainable progress models

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