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ANDI gives people the chance to highlight what progress means to them

Developed in close collaboration with the community, ANDI is driven by the views of Australians about national progress, wellbeing and sustainability.

ANDI is developing opportunities for citizens to participate through sharing stories and their ideas about progress and sustainable, national wellbeing.  ANDI promotes dialogue about progress and sustainable wellbeing through community groups, not-for-profit organisations, local government, faith-based organisations and businesses.

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ANDI needs you to maintain its independence and grow high levels of grassroots support across society.

Join a global movement that measures wellbeing and progress in its many dimensions. Work with us to share the ANDI vision of a fair, equitable and sustainable future for Australia.

ANDI is currently seeking partners

ANDI draws on the expertise, networks and links of partners. We provide opportunities for partners to be actively involved projects they are passionate about.

ANDI seeks partners from the private, not-for-profit, academic, government and philanthropic sectors. The level of funding or in-kind support is negotiable. 

We are currently seeking media partners to collaborate with on promoting dialogue about the Index and its findings on national progress.

Key benefits of partnering with ANDI

A forum that contributes to a better understanding of wellbeing for improved public policy for a more equitable and sustainable future.

  • An opportunity to apply to sit on a domain group comprising eminent people from key fields.
  • Links to like-minded organisations and individuals through the ANDI network.
  • Opportunities to support research papers or studies 
  • Opportunities to engage the ANDI community.
  • Invitations national and international briefings.
  • ​Access to data about people’s views of progress.

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