Champions and Partners

ANDI Ltd is the outcome of a long-term collaboration between researchers across a wide range of disciplines and representatives from state and local governments, community groups, service organisations, business, unions and churches. It has been supported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the OECD, the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, and other members of the global wellbeing movement.

ANDI is grounded in the values of social and economic justice, equity, peace, environmental sustainability and the participation of all people in the country’s decision-making. Without such values, genuine progress cannot be achieved. These values and principles will continue to inform the development of the annual ANDI index.

ANDI believes that everybody has a right to say what wellbeing and progress towards wellbeing means for them, their family, their community and their nation. Everybody should have access to easily understood information about different dimensions of wellbeing for our nation and our communities.

ANDI will promote

  • civic participation
  • social inclusion
  • fairness
  • justice
  • equity
  • a healthy and sustainable environment
  • openness and transparency in government

ANDI is committed to

  • independence and non-partisanship
  • transparency
  • best scientific practice and review


Supported by eminent Australians, including Reverend Tim CostelloProfessor Fiona StanleySir Gus Nossal and Simon McKeon, and global partners like the OECD and the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, ANDI is a long-term community and research project. It combines the best of what’s happening across the world with the values and priorities of Australians, to establish a set of goals and measures for Australia’s future progress and wellbeing. 

 ANDI works with welfare organisations, business, trade unions, industry, Indigenous groups, environmental groups, organisations that represent children and young people and our elders, churches, local governments, human rights organisations, researchers and universities.