About ANDI

The Idea of a wellbeing index forces users to rethink the meaning of society’s progress.

In Australia, the work to redefine social progress and reform the measurement of wellbeing is arguably being led by community research collaborative, the Australian National Development Index Ltd (ANDI Ltd). ANDI Ltd, incorporated in 2012, is a civil society and research collaboration and is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission. ANDI’s Board of Directors and supporters include eminent Australians such as Rev Tim Costello (Ambassador), Prof Fiona Stanley (Ambassador), Sir Gus Nossal (Ambassador) and Simon McKeon (supporter). ANDI Ltd has developed a framework and methodology for an Australian National Development Index (ANDI).

The ANDI project is part of the global movement to rethink the societal progress and develop ways to better measure wellbeing. ANDI’s work has gained international support from both the Canadian Index of Wellbeing and OECD, which have agreed to be partners and advisers in the development of the ANDI. The ANDI is a long long-term community and research project focused on combining global best practices to establish a set of goals and measures for Australia’s future progress and wellbeing.

ANDI Ltd is focused on developing an index through inclusive community engagement and extensive research to establish goals and measurements that represent a holistic vision of the future Australian want.

Developing a wellbeing index is a democratic task that relies on collective engagement of citizens, experts and policy makers. The process can be an important goal in improving trust in government and creating a shared vision of national progress.


ANDI: Three key national Benefits

A way to build a practical shared vision for a fairer, more sustainable society, with greater general wellbeing.

An important tool that will increase transparency and clarity in policy making, planning, and nation-building.

A way to re-engage citizens and strengthen democracy, transparency, and confidence in the political process.

The Challenge

ANDI’s medium-term goal is to build a better definition and measures of national progress. The longer-term goals and benefits will go beyond this. And the potential benefits for the nation if we do it right are significant.