Australian National Development Index

What kind of Australia do we want to live in?

ANDI is a measure of wellbeing and progress. ANDI reflects the values and priorities of Australians. ANDI measures what matters to us in a way that GDP and other economic measures cannot.

This index will help Australians better understand our progress and wellbeing in all areas of our life together.

ANDI will show us how we are really doing as individuals, communities and a nation with our health, education and environment, our democracy, our work, family life and leisure. It will track justice for Indigenous Australians, fairness generally and human rights. 

2.2 Million

Australians do not have jobs but want to work. ANDI looks at what this means for wellbeing of local communities and how it affects our national wellbeing.

$103 Billion

Is the economic cost of Australian’s bushfires in 2019-2020. ANDI asks how the bushfires are continuing affecting Australia’s progress as a nation across all aspects of life.


of young people felt lonely during the COVID-19 pandemic. ANDI counts the cost of this on the health, education, and success of our nation.